Games to develop teams


The e-book contains the following chapters:

  • All about Games to develop teams
  • Ice breakers - 57 games
  • Energisers - 33 games
  • Team bonding - 19 games
  • Trust - 12 games
  • Closure - 14 games

Plus three bonus articles:

  • Individuals make teams
  • How to be successful with games
  • Building teams
This e-book contains 135 exciting interactive games. These appealing games are most effectively used within a formal team building program. 

Points of interest

  • Discover games that are both fun and educating.
  • Instant access to games for all stages of your team's life cycle.
  • Take advantage of variations to tailor for your unique team.
  • Delight in taking almost no time from your structured program – 5 - 15 minutes.
  • Immediate and easy implementation with step-by-step instructions, handouts and examples as required.
  • Many of the games can be used with both small teams (6 – 14) and large groups.
  • Added benefit of some games provided for large groups only.
  • Enable and encourage social interactions and movement.
  • Quickly access games that will improve communication and thinking skills.