Generally ice breakers are used when a number of strangers have come together to form a team or group. However, they are just as useful when used with participants who know one another on one level (e.g. school level) but not on a personal level.

This e-book also contains 11 puzzles to use in combination with the games or on their own.


Getting to know your name
Getting to talk to you
Getting to know something about you

 Acronym madness
 Autograph bingo
 Introduction circle
 Name arranging
 Name catalogue
 Name circle
 Name exercising
 Name falling
 Name giving
 Name guessing
 Name list
 Name me
 Name relay
 Name tags
 Name tale
 Word count
 Word cross
 Word power

 Aussie sayings
 Colour code
 Code breaker
 Famous people
 Mix and match
 Sporting stars
 Strange spelling match
 The rule of the game
 Thumbs up
 Word hunt

 Aladdin’s lamp
 Family tree
 Following instructions
 How are you mate?
 If I were…
 Paired biographies
 Scavenger hunt
 Toilet paper

 Triangles – easy
 Triangles – hard
 Numbers tic tac toe
 Master word
 Maze – easy
 Maze – hard
 Spot the difference
 Animal hunt

These 57 ice breakers or 'getting to know you' activities have been divided into three sections based on common aims. These sections are:
    a)    getting to know your name (21 games)
    b)    getting to talk to you (20 games)
    c)    getting to know something about you (16 games)

Points of interest

  • Most of the 57 activities are low threat to encourage interactions.
  • You are provided with 23 examples and 18 free reproducible handouts.
  • Delight in taking almost no time from your structured program – 10 minutes.
  • Many of the games can be used with both small teams (6 – 14) and large groups.
  • A few games are provided for large groups only.
  • Getting to know your name games provide a wide range of refreshing activities with the goal of learning names.
  • A number of Getting to talk to you games will help you form pairs.
  • Many of the Getting to know something about you games can support team bonding games.
  • Getting to know something about you games are designed to start breaking through the personal space and gently moving in to the layers of feelings, values and needs.
  • 11 Puzzles are provided for your convenience: using images, numbers and words.

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